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The Creator’s Game is a stick ball game rooted in the Indigenous way of life. Many nations across Turtle Island played stick ball games each with their own purpose; however, no one can argue the origins of the game can be traced back to Indigenous communities for thousands of years, in some instances back to the Creation Story. Many Indigenous Nations across North America (Turtle Island) are currently playing lacrosse, however, there’s no inclusive Indigenous Lacrosse Association (structure) to provide kids, youth and nation teams access to compete and play in nation based, national and international games/events.

The Creator’s Game is a medicine and healing game, connected to the land and the people; the sticks used to play the game are made of shag bark hickory, smooth bark hickory, ash and or other trees used by nations in their traditional territories. The Creator’s Game was proposed by our Creator as a peaceful way to settle disputes; the first game was played by the Creator and his brother (good mind and bad mind) to see who would rule the world. Indigenous people play for medicine, healing, thanksgiving, fun, joy and entertainment.

Across Turtle Island, the contemporary version of lacrosse is played by the Haudenosaunee, Coast Salish, Anishinabek, Dakota, M’ikm’aq, Cree, Choctaw, Cherokee and many other nations. The 2017 North American Indigenous Games attracted the largest number of teams, participants and fans in the history of the Games.

For the first time in its 40 year history an all Indigenous midget team will participate at the 2018 British Columbia Summer Games (Cowichan, BC); Indigenous girls are seeking opportunities to compete at Canadian National’s, however, there are minimal opportunities for the girls to compete provincially or nationally. Lacrosse is opening doors for Indigenous youth to compete in U-Sports (CIS), NCAA, Junior College, NAIA, MCLA and other colleges; for some communities, more Indigenous scholastic athletes are recruited to post-secondary and private high school institutions than any other sport.

The existing lacrosse structures within North America (Turtle Island) such as the Canadian Lacrosse Association and US Lacrosse have existed for a number of years, however, these structures do not place a high importance on teaching the kids, youth and adults the true origins and the spiritual connection to the game. The existing structures provide minimal opportunities to truly engage Indigenous communities to ensure Indigenous people have a voice in providing future opportunities for our children and youth to compete in our game.

The formation of the Indigenous Lacrosse Association (ILA) will provide a structure, and continue to open doors for our young Indigenous athletes to compete in nation based events, provincial, national and international events, thereby creating opportunities for the next seven generations to compete at the highest level possible.

The new sport body will promote and advocate for building capacity at the community level, while continuing to support Indigenous nation based teams who desire to compete in National and Provincial Indigenous competitions, Canadian Lacrosse Championships, and International events.

The governing sport body will be accountable, transparent, listen and take direction from the voice of Indigenous people across Turtle Island, regardless of residency.


For the Love of the Game to Grow the Game

Kevin Sandy


Kevin Sandy

Cayuga Nation, Wolf Clan Six Nations of the Grand River. Kevin is a leader in the area of sport development, business development, plus sharing cultural education teachings and active living; he loves inspiring kids, youth and adults to recognize their own strengths and to follow their dreams.

Mr. Sandy is the President/Director, Haudenosaunee Lacrosse Program/Traditional Games that specializes in planning, developing and facilitating traditional games, contemporary sports, active living workshops and hosting cultural sport tourism events.

He’s the President/CEO, Kevin V. Sandy Consulting Business Management Group for the past 17 years. He has functioned as the Business Cultural Coordinator, Toronto 2015 Pan Am Parapan Games and was the Sport Manager, 2017 North American Indigenous Games. This year, he participated in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Opening Ceremonies sharing his beautiful way of life teachings (songs, dances and oral traditions) and stick ball games with the world.

Haudenosaunee Lacrosse Program and Traditional Games has conducted sport skills development camps, active living and sport specific conditioning training camps in 150 communities across North America for First Nation’s and non-Indigenous children and youth, including schools, Friendship Centres, Health Centres, Recreation Centres and Lacrosse Associations.

The program has reached Australia, North American Indigenous Games 2017, World Lacrosse Games, Czech Republic, TO2015 Pan Am Parapan Games, 2010 Olympics, Hawaii, Connecticut, Oregon, Wisconsin, Montana, California, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Michigan, New York State, Arizona, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, England, Nova Scotia and Ontario to name a few areas.

He’s been the General Manager and a Board of Director for the Iroquois Nationals World Lacrosse Team. The team captured a silver medal at the 2007 World Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Championships (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and bronze medal at the 2008 Under-19 World Field Lacrosse Championships (Coquitlam, British Columbia).

Mr. Sandy has played, coached and managed countless teams capturing international, national and provincial championships in lacrosse and basketball. In 2003, Kevin completed his Canadian Fitness Professional (Can-Fit Pro) Personal Trainer Certification. His true enjoyment is watching his children and other kids/youth participate in sports and recreation activities.

Kevin resides in Northern Ontario (South Porcupine) with his wife Sue and their two children Aamisk and Menaywaywyn. He loves the outdoors, sports, sharing Haudenosaunee teachings and spending time watching kids/youth doing what they love.

Wayne Kaboni


Wayne Kaboni is a proud Ojibway from Wikwemikong in Ontario, he is single father of two sons and one daughter, he has dedicated his life and activities to the social and cultural development of youth, he is also a strong advocate of First Nation language as a tool for cultural memory and learning. He has over 25 years’ experience a successful Entrepreneur and as a business mentor. He has spoken at many conferences and events about business development, entrepreneurship and community development.

As a mentor he assisted four First Nation communities’ set-up computer assembly businesses by designing, implementing and training the community to utilize the ISO 9000 management system and attain ISO Certification in their first attempt. His current personal passion is the successful and fruitful rollout of the “Y we dream foundation” and the Indian Joe projects that he has been working on with his children.

Currently the Manager of the Citxw Nlaka’pamux Assembly, Merritt British Columbia. The Citxw Nlaka’pamux Assembly (CNA) was formed for the purpose of managing and administering the participating Nlaka’pamux Bands commitments in the Participation Agreement and Economic Community Development Agreement. The Citxw Nlaka’pamux Assembly (CNA) was formed by eight of the participating Nlaka’pamux Bands. The Participation Agreement is a long-term definitive commitment between the Participating Bands and Highland Valley Copper with respect to the Mine and mining activities in the area surrounding the Mine. The Participation Agreement commits HVC to provide economic benefits to the Participating Bands concurrently with working towards increasing opportunities for training, employment and contract work at the HVC for Participating Band owned businesses and its’ members. Funds from the Participation Agreement and Economic Community Development Agreement (ECDA) are administered by the Nlaka’pamux Legacy Trust. We have developed two for profit businesses to support opportunities at the mine site, one company provides environmental monitoring services and the other acts as a Contract Management company. The CNA Directors oversee the Nlaka’pamux Legacy Trust and Trust distribution.

His previous post can be define a business recovery, under the supervision of a Board of Directors they increased revenue , upgraded equipment, POS system that included inventory control, and expanded the retail business to include more groceries and more gas volume. The business model included securing a Subway Franchise in which Wayne served as the Franchisee.

Wayne has been involved in a wide variety of activities in both the private and public sector. He was the General Manager and a shareholder in Ojibway Country Wear, Sheguiandah and Toronto, where he successfully co-ordinated the development skiwear product line and received funding and managed the training 15 Aboriginal sewing machine operators. He was the Band Economic Development Officer, Sheguiandah First Nation, Sheguiandah, Ontario where he developed and managed the implementation of a new sub-division, including 8 unit housing construction, water, sewer and road servicing. He also managed the Sheguiandah Memorial Park concept and development plan and co-ordinated Phase I of Sheguiandah Memorial Park development and landscaping through volunteers. When he was Co-Owner / Manager of the Manitoulin Trading Post, Sheguiandah First Nation, Ontario he developed a financing proposal and business plan for a full-service PetroCanada gas bar, convenience / video store and craft shop and then successfully financed, oversaw construction, hired staff and managed the operation. Then as Owner/Manager of Operations of Manitoulin Wholesale Grocers; Manitowaning, Ontario he secured contracts to service wholesale food market in the Manitoulin Area for Lanzarotta Wholesale Grocers, Toronto; Hickeson Langs Wholesale, Toronto; Oshawa Foods, Toronto; Jasper Coffee, Brampton; Beatrice Foods and Dairy, Sudbury; and Belmont Produce, Kitchener. He also developed two service delivery depots for the food service industry in the Manitoulin and Northshore area.

Wayne next moved into the public sector where he was National Facilitator Aboriginal Employment Services Network, National Association of Friendship Centres, Ottawa, Ontario. He was responsible for the overall project management including proposal development and review, as well as management of a National Committee and support staff. He successfully programmed and developed a national on-line electronic job and resume bank. From here Wayne became President / Founder Two Rivers Technologies and President / Co-Founder Two Rivers Computers, Ottawa, Ontario. The former was one of two Aboriginal Companies to be awarded a Federal Government Standing Offer for Y2K Solutions. The latter was the first aboriginal computer manufacturer to be awarded a Federal Government National Master Offer (NMSO). He also achieved ISO 9002 Certification as a Computer assembler and became an OEM private label assembler for IBM and Data General Canada. During this time he assisted four Aboriginal communities set-up computer assembly businesses by designing, implementing and training the community to utilize the ISO 9000 management system and attain ISO Certification in there first attempt.

Wayne has written a number of technical computer manuals and other books over the years. These include Proposal Development for Canadian Jobs Strategy Handbook, Facilitators Guide and Participants Handbook; and the Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Resource Book and Facilitators Guide; all for the National Association of Friendship Centres, Ottawa, Ontario. He also wrote the Aboriginal Employment Counsellor Competency Model, which was published by NATCON Publication, University of Toronto, April 1996.

In addition to his busy business schedule Wayne has also served his community through volunteer work. The organisations to which he has given, and in some instances still is giving his time include: Software Human Resource Council, Ottawa, Ontario; Joint Aboriginal Government Committee for fundraising for National Aboriginal Day, Ottawa, Ontario; Steering Committee, Aboriginal Peoples Network, Ottawa, Ontario; Vice President / Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Odawa Aboriginal Athletics, Ottawa, Ontario; Manager Fundraising and Sponsorships, Odawa Redmen Hockey Club, Ottawa, Ontario; Chairperson - Building Committee and Technical Committee Member, Odawa Native Friendship Centre; Ottawa, Ontario; and President and Board Member Bidaan Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Sudbury, Ontario, Founder and Sponsorship Co-ordinator for the First Nation Hockey Hall of Fame and Ontario First Junior Hockey League, North Bay, Ontario: Chairperson and Sponsorship Co-ordinator First Nation Celebration, North Bay, Ontario.

Volunteer and Coaching

•Head Coach Midget Indigenous Team BC BC Games 2018

•Head Coach Merritt Secondary School Field Lacrosse Team (2017-2018 & 2018-2019)

•Manager -Assistant Coach U16 Boys Team BC North American Indigenous Games (2017)

•Coach Midget, Nicola Valley Minor Lacrosse (2017)

•Assistant Coach Nipissing Warriors Bantam Hockey Club, Little NHL Toronto, Ontario (2016-2017)

•One Ice Instructor and Coordinator Bauer First Skate Program (2016)

•Coach Merritt Bantam Hockey Club, Merritt Minor Hockey (2015-2017)

•Coach Bantam, Nicola Valley Minor Lacrosse (2015-2016)

•One Ice Instructor Lace-Em Hockey Chilliwack/Kamloops BC (2015 -2016)

•One Ice Instructor and Coordinator Kaboni Skills and Drills (2010 -2015)

•Assistant Coach Nipissing Warriors Peewee Hockey Club, Little NHL Toronto, Ontario (2015)

•Assistant Coach Merritt Peewee Hockey Club, Merritt Minor Hockey (2014-2015)

•President Long Lac Chamber of Commerce, 3 Terms (2011- 2014)

•Coach Longlac Timberwolves Peewees Longlac Minor Hokey (2014)

•Coach North Shore Thunderbirds Novice Hockey Club, Goodwill Hockey Showcase (2013)

•Speak Out Training Longlac Minor Hockey (2011)

•Coach Ginogaming Hitman Novice Hockey Club, Little NHL Sudbury, Ontario (2010)

•E-Spirit Business Plan Mentor, Business Development Bank of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2003)

•President and Sponsorship Coordinator, First Nation Hockey Hall of Fame, North Bay, Ontario (2003-2004)

•Lead, Wiky Redmen Proposed Junior A Tier II Hockey Club, Wikwemikong, Ontario (2001-2002)

•Committee Member, Canadian Human Resource Software Council Ottawa, Ontario (1997-2000)

•Committee Member, Joint Aboriginal Government National Aboriginal Day Celebrations, Ottawa, Ontario (1997)

•Vice President - Sponsorship Co-ordinator Odawa Aboriginal Athletics, Ottawa, Ontario (1993 -2000)

•Chairperson - Building Committee and Technical Committee Member, Odawa Native Friendship Centre; Ottawa, Ontario (1993 - 1994)

•President and Board Member Bidaan Non-Profit Housing Corporation, Sudbury, Ontario (1990 - 2001)

•Founding Board Member Waubetek Development Corporation; Birch Island, Ontario (1986 - 1988)

•Chairperson Robinson Huron Band Economic Development Officers Association, Whitefish Lake First Nation, Naughton, Ontario. (1987 - 1988)

•Assistant Coach Espanola Eagles Junior A Tier II Hockey Club, Espanola, Ontario (1986)

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